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BOLSHOI Sport Readership Increases by 18.8%

April ′2014

According to the latest TNS Gallup Media research, the number of readers per issue of BOLSHOI Sport magazine in Moscow has increased by 7.9% in six months, growing from 159,000 in June 2013 to 171,600 readers in January 2014. The growth of readership for one issue over the same period across the entire country was 18.8%, having reached 540,900 people.

The semiannual audience of BOLSHOI Sport in Russia grew by 10% for the whole country and reached 964,900 readers. This indicator also showed a positive trend both in Moscow – demonstrating an increase by 12.4% (to 260,300 readers) – and in St. Petersburg, with a growth of 19.6% (to 104,200 readers).

BOLSHOI Sport magazine has been published since late 2005. In the spring of 2013, Alexei Nemov was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the publication.

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