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100 Treasures That Armenia Shared With the World

Client: Promsvyazbank
MEDIACRAT services: creative & commercial management
Date: April 2012
Circulation: 1,000

100 Treasures That Armenia Shared with the World by MEDIACRAT

April ′2012

MEDIACRAT with the financial support of Promsvyazbank has published 100 Treasures That Armenia Shared with the World, a lavishly illustrated collectible album aimed at wide audience. The publication focuses on Armenian contribution to the cultural heritage of the world.

"100 stories presented in chronological order, from the Stone Age to modernity, comprise various scopes of human activity and demonstrate the great potential of Armenians as well as their highest degree of involvement into the course of global discoveries," says Aris Ghazinian, one of the authors.

The album is part of The Great Armenia collectible book series published by MEDIACRAT. The series also includes such books and almanacs as 100 Mysteries of Armenia, 100 Greatest Armenians of the XX Century, The Armenian Church, 100 Legends of ArArAt.