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Our Journal

Founder: RUSAL
MEDIACRAT services: creative & commercial management
Duration: July 2006 - January 2009
Format: quarterly corporate magazine
Circulation: 12,000

n 2006, at the III annual contest 'The Leader of Corporate Publishing in Russia', Nash ZhurnAL [Our Journal] was honored with 'The Best Corporate Publication' award

Between July 2006 and January 2009 MEDIACRAT was commissioned by RUSAL, the leader of the world's aluminium industry, to provide creative and commercial management services for the corporate magazine Our Journal that targets top and middle management of the company.

The publication's main rubrics included all of the most salient events in the life of the corporation, interviews with top managers, an overview of the largest projects in Russia and abroad as well as most fascinating facts about the world aluminium industry and its history.

MEDIACRAT also managed the distribution of the publication: apart from being circulated across all RUSAL subsidiaries in Russia, Ukraine and Armenia, the magazine was also available in Nigeria, Guinea and China.

The publication was launched to promote and incentivise dialogue inside the company and serve as an efficient corporate cohesion-building mechanism.