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Founder: Senteo (on behalf of Nadra Bank)
MEDIACRAT services: creative & commercial management
Duration: September 2006 – November 2008
Format: quarterly client-oriented magazine
Circulation: 1.5 million

In November 2007, at the annual contest 'The Best Corporate Publication of Ukraine - 2007', Protsvetai! [Prosper!] was honored with 'The Most Creative Design of a Corporate Publication' award

Between September 2006 and November 2008 MEDIACRAT provided creative project management for the client-oriented magazine Prosper! on behalf of Nadra Bank, one of Ukraine's largest nation-wide banking institution.

The editorial and design concept was developed by MEDIACRAT with a view to transform the magazine into a powerful marketing tool. The publication offered information on all products and services provided by Nadra Bank in a simple and entertaining family magazine format.

The publication's design layout was built on three principles: vibrant look, simplicity and optimism. The magazine was published in the Russian and Ukrainian languages.