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First ladies of Russian business. First-Person Stories

The book “First ladies of Russian business. First-Person Stories” is a project of the MEDIACRAT publishing house. It's heroines are business owners and representatives of top management from various fields: banking, law, IT technologies, charity, art, hotel, and fashion industries.

On the pages of the edition they talk about themselves: their careers and business, thereby answering topical questions: what does it mean to be a business woman in Russia? To what extent do women play by their own rules in a predominantly male business environment? And what is the secret of their success?

Thus, the publication becomes, on the one hand, an encyclopedia of business cases, and, on the other hand, contributes to the discussion about gender neutrality as a growth point for the global economy.

It is curious that the heroines of the book relate to gender issues in different ways. Some do not include it at all in their picture of the world; others level the difference believing that the ability to work does not depend on gender; still others study the otherness and use it. But one thing unites everyone: successful ladies see the world not as a battlefield, but as a place for self-realization. And so this book becomes a collection of inspiring stories about finding a life's work.