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Rostelecom Professional

Founder: Rostelecom
MEDIACRAT services: creative & commercial management
Project work started in: October 2012
Format: quarterly corporate magazine
Circulation: 999

In October 2012, MEDIACRAT won the tender to publish a corporate magazine for Rostelecom. The publication targets decision-making professionals in the telecommunications sector.

The magazine covers Rostelecom projects, technologies and business solutions, publishes interviews with company leaders and experts, and informs readers about the telecom market's current state and prospects.

Rostelecom Professional Magazine under MEDIACRAT Management

October ′2012

MEDIACRAT has won a tender to produce the corporate magazine for OJSC Rostelecom. The telecommunications magazine is to target decision-making professionals in the field.

“The magazine will cover business projects, technologies and solutions offered by OJSC Rostelecom, publish interview with leaders and expert companies, cover the state of and prospects for the communications market,” says Daria Figurkina, client relations director at MEDIACRAT.

Creative and commercial management for the project is provided by MEDIACRAT.