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Mister Christmas

Founder: Vesta-Alfa
MEDIACRAT services: creative project management
Project work started in: June 2006
Format: yearly client-oriented magazine
Circulation: 100,000

MEDIACRAT was commissioned by Vesta-Alfa — a leader in the Russian souvenir market to publish the first specialised Christmas and New Year's Eve magazine.

The publication's editorial and design concept developed by MEDIACRAT features positioning of Christmas and New Year's Eve themed products shipped by Vesta-Alfa to the Russian market through the prism of the so-called family content. Another original innovation featured in this project is the children's story about the adventures of a character named Mister Christmas (the character actually shares the same name with Vesta-Alfa's very own trademark).

The magazine is available free of charge at LeCadeau boutiques and shops carrying Mister Christmas products. The publication is also circulated as a New Year's Eve supplement to the Atmosfera magazine.