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Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Gafin
Founder: UNIMEDIA Publishing
MEDIACRAT services: creative & commercial management
Launch: January 2011

WatchRussia.com is a web portal dedicated to the fine art of watch-making and jewellery, a logical extension of one of Europe's most reputable publications in this area — WATCH magazine.

The portal consists of two thematic sections. The largest section is dedicated to watches: the masters of watch-making and watch manufacturers, watch connoisseurs and processes taking place in the world horological industry. A separate rubric is dedicated to news and coverage of the two most important industry events — the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva and the BaselWorld show in Basel.

The primary focus of the second section of the portal is not just timepieces, but the very notion of time itself. It helps the reader to feel and form a better understanding of the concept of time through the prism of cultural processes taking place in society. Theatre and cinema, fine arts and photography, design and architecture — all of these areas are covered by this section of the portal. A special portion of the site is dedicated to automobiles, haute cuisine and travel.

WATCH Russia Website Launched

January ′2011

MEDIACRAT has launched WatchRussia.com, its third web-based project. The website is devoted to watches and the art of watch making.

The portal contains two main thematic sections. In the first and most informative the timepieces are covered: masters and factories creating them, people adoring them and the latest global developments surrounding them. The news and reviews of the two most important annual watch events in the world, the SIHH and the BaselWorld taking place in Geneva and Basel respectively, are provided in a separate special area of the website.

The second main section of the portal is devoted not just to devices for timekeeping, but rather to the time itself. An attempt is made to understand and feel it in the light of cultural trends shaping and shaped by the society. Theater and cinema, painting and photography, design and architecture – all of these topics are brought up in this section of WatchRussia.com. Special attention is also given to the automotive world, haute cuisine and travel.

Apart from WatchRussia.com MEDIACRAT runs two other websites: PBWM.ru, the first website in Russia devoted solely to private banking and wealth management (a PBWM Media project), and BolshoiSport.ru, focusing on sports and entertainment (a UNIMEDIA project).

Creative and commercial management of the project is provided by MEDIACRAT.