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SPEAR'S Russia

Founder: PBWM Media
MEDIACRAT services: creative & commercial management
Launch: September 2008
Frequency: 7 monthly
Circulation: 21,000
Web: www.pbwm.ru
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The Private Banking & Wealth Management Media (PBWM Media) Publishing House in partnership with MEDIACRAT presents the Russian version of the most trustworthy and influential magazine for the world's richest audience — SPEAR’S Russia.

The publication's leitmotif can be summarised in a single phrase: "Bull's Eye" — a perfect match to convey the "thrust" of the magazine's name.

Much like the original British version SPEAR'S Russia targets two key audiences — the wealthy and mega wealthy people and professionals offering private banking and wealth management services.

The publication's priority topics include successful investment ideas, tips on family wealth management, big fortune tax issues as well as interviews with Russian billionaires and millionaires and representatives of the private banking and wealth management industry.

SPEAR'S Russia Releases Special Issue on Philanthropy

April ′2014

SPEAR’S Russia magazine has expanded the list of its regular topics, adding charity, philanthropy, patronage of arts, and social entrepreneurship. The April issue features a new section that contains interviews with Ruben Vardanian, Irina Prokhorova, Vagit Alekperov, and Dmitry Zimin, and talks about all the most important private and corporate philanthropic initiatives in Russia today.

“At the magazine, we have long kept this topic on the sidelines, in the periphery of our vision, so to speak. Now, I hope it will become as important for us as wealth management itself. Because ‘how to make money’ and ‘how to keep money’ are two questions that many people have already largely found the answers to. What we want to talk about is how to use what you have, how to turn it prolific, and how to change the world around us, even if only a little,” offers Andrei Vdovin, Editor-in-Chief of SPEAR’S Russia, in his opening remarks.
SPEAR’S Russia is the Russian language version of its British namesake, the most trsutworthy and influential magazine for the world’s richest audience.
Creative and commercial management of the project is provided by MEDIACRAT.

Andrei Vdovin Named New Editor-in-Chief of SPEAR'S Russia

September ′2013

The president of the Russian Golf Association, famous financier and entrepreneur Andrei Vdovin became the new Editor-in-Chief of SPEAR'S Russia, starting from the September issue of the publication.

"Everyone wants to know about the sort of pitfalls that accomplished people encounter. Does it hurt when you fall and will anyone give you a hand as you try to climb back up? Even more interesting is whether you could avoid these pitfalls. I am very much prepared to talk about the problems successful businessmen face, as they are people who are not used to living the calm life anyway. What I do want to hear and read about, however, is their personal stories, their ways of problem-solving, any personal achievements, be it a transaction or a portfolio investment, how they deal with their creditors, how they managed to break free from the vortex of default or how they've perfected their golf swing.

I think we could consider this as the short answer to the question why I am stepping in to take charge of SPEAR'S Russia and what my overall plans are. I believe that when it comes to this kind of work, two things are of the utmost importance: you must clearly identify who your readers are and share their idea of ​​the perfect publication, the idea you will then aspire to consistently and systematically. As I see it, no magazine has the right not to respect the time of its readers. As for MEDIACRAT, it is doubly so, and I say this as someone who has the patience to read through the issue cover to cover," writes Andrei Vdovin in his inaugural address as the magazine's new Editor-in-Chief.

SPEAR'S Russia is the Russian-language edition of its British namesake, the most trustworthy and influential magazine for the world's richest audience.

Creative and commercial management of the project is provided by MEDIACRAT.