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September ′2013
Andrei Vdovin Named New Editor-in-Chief of SPEAR'S Russia
Проект: SPEAR'S Russia
SPEAR'S Russia Awards Anniversary Ceremony to be Held on December 5
Проект: SPEAR'S Russia
Alexei Nemov and BOLSHOI Sport to Hold a Reception for Friends
Проект: BOLSHOI Sport
Alexander Gafin to Head WATCH Russia
Проект: WATCH Russia
March ′2013
SPEAR’S Russia for the Flying Class
Проект: SPEAR'S Russia
BOLSHOI Sport Became Official Media Partner of Laureus
Проект: BOLSHOI Sport
BOLSHOI Sport Celebrates Dynamo’s 90th Anniversary
Проект: BOLSHOI Sport
Z!NK Partnered With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Magazine
December ′2013
BOLSHOI Sport Readership Increases by 38%
Проект: BOLSHOI Sport
Rivoli Perfumery Deluxe Edition
Проект: Rivoli Perfumery
November ′2013
Alexei Nemov and BOLSHOI Sport Magazine Hosted a Gala Reception with the Support of Laureus Sport for Good Foundation
Проект: BOLSHOI Sport
Stellary by MEDIACRAT
Проект: Stellary
100 Natural Wonders of Russia by MEDIACRAT
June ′2013
BOLSHOI Sport to Host a Laureus Event in Russia, First in Several Years
Проект: BOLSHOI Sport
May ′2013
BOLSHOI Sport's Editor-in-Chief Alexei Nemov Interviews Alina Kabaeva for the First Time in Years
Проект: BOLSHOI Sport
April ′2013
Alexei Nemov Becomes Leader of BOLSHOI Sport and Young Stars
Проект: BOLSHOI Sport
Alexei Nemov Became Leader of Young Stars Movement
Проект: Young Stars